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Iceland Memories, Traveling with Grandkids & Praying for Peace

Pat TaubPat Taub

Back from Vacation

Short Takes returns after a two-week hiatus when I was on vacation. I spent five days in San Francisco and then flew to Chicago where my grandkids live. We flew from Chicago to Iceland to join a National Geographic Family Expedition. 

 Icelandic Women

Older women in Iceland display a confidence and ease with aging, very different from the way many older American women agonize about their aging process.   I was reminded of a similar comfort with aging among women in Amsterdam. The comparison is aided by the fact that the women in both countries are tall and fair. (Nothing like some height to enhance a feeling of authority, said by a short woman!)

Pat Taub, Wow blog, Portland, Maine

Arny, our guide in the fishing village of Isafjorour.

A Trip to the Blue Lagoon

We bathed in the famous Blue Lagoon, a thermal pool, sought out for the relaxing and healing properties of its mineral-laced waters. One can swim to a small stand in the middle of the Lagoon where a staff member dispenses lotion that hardens into a facial mask. Surrounded by a sea of white faces and steam arising from the warm waters made the experience resemble a sci –fi film. I bought a tube of the Blue  Lagoon’s mask and applied it this week. My skin burst with life after I washed it off. (I may be a new woman by the time I finish my tube!)

Pat Taub, WOW Blog, Portland, Maine

My Blue Lagoon mask, part of my new beauty routine

The Joys of Traveling with the Grandkids

I feel privileged to be able to afford a trip with my grandchildren who, at 13 and 12 are now as tall as their grandmother. They’re growing into smart, funny, kind people. I’m proud of them and adore their company.

Pat Taub, WOW Blog, Portland, Maine

Jane and Max bundled up for the nippy Icelandic weather

Praying for Peace

Like most of you I’m hoping that #45 doesn’t take us into WW lll. I’ve signed petitions appealing for a rational, diplomatic approach to North Korea. Let’s hope that a restraining force is at work in the universe. We’re overdue for a reinvigorated peace movement!







Pat Taub is a family therapist, writer and activist and life-long feminist. She hopes that WOW will start a conversation among other older women who are fed up with the ageism and sexism in our culture and are looking for cohorts to affirm their value as an older woman.