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February 2018
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Florida School Shooting, My Granddaughter Turns 14, a Hunger Striker & More

Florida School Shooting Like most of you I’m still in shock over Wednesday’s horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida. I can’t imagine losing a child to such senseless violence. I think of my granddaughter who will enter [...]

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Death Doulas: Making Death Easier

No one wants to die, but what if there was a way to soften death, to make it less scary, to minimize regrets, and to make meaningful goodbyes? Enter death doulas, women and men trained to administer spiritual and practical support for the dying and their families. While many folk traditions and cultures have ceremonies to usher the dying into [...]

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Mary Oliver: Poetry For the Soul

When my brother started dating a few years after his wife passed, he was surprised that Mary Oliver’s name readily surfaced in conversations with his dates. Baffled he asked me: “Why is Mary Oliver so popular with women?” I  explained: “She speaks to our soul. Her words go to the heart of our lives.” Mary Oliver, now 82-years-old [...]

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Positive in My 70’s

As another birthday approaches I have basically two choices: to agonize over my advancing age OR to look at the glass as half full and take stock of what is positive about being in my seventies. While there are unwelcome aspects to aging, like diminished energy and physical agility, sleep problems and occasionally missing a companion, I refuse [...]

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Discovering Joy

Sometimes a book comes into your life at exactly the right moment, offering a path forward that was formerly invisible to you. This was my experience with The Book of Joy, a week-long conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, aptly facilitated by Douglas Abrams, the book’s editor.   When a friend recommended The [...]

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