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February 2018
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“Never Again,” A 14th Birthday, Pilates & Lorraine Hansberry

“Never Again” The Parkland, Florida school shootings dominated the news again this week.   In response student survivors of the shooting launched “Never Again,” their campaign for gun control. Emma Gonzalez, a senior [...]

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Unforgettable Black Women Writers

For Black History Month I want to honor some of the brilliant African American women writers that have enlarged my worldview. I’m particularly indebted to Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Alice Walker, Angela Davis and Lucille Clifton. I discovered them in the pre-internet era of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s when face-to-face communication was often [...]

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Banishing Regrets!

All things considered I’m managing my old age fairly well.   I can check off most of the boxes for health, close friendships, meaningful work, etc., but when it comes to handling my regrets, I’m frequently stalled. I’m haunted over screaming matches with my teenage sons, impatience with my mother when she was dying, love affairs I [...]

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Death Doulas: Making Death Easier

No one wants to die, but what if there was a way to soften death, to make it less scary, to minimize regrets, and to make meaningful goodbyes? Enter death doulas, women and men trained to administer spiritual and practical support for the dying and their families. While many folk traditions and cultures have ceremonies to usher the dying into [...]

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Reporting from the Las Vegas Women’s March

January 2017’s women’s marches were largely celebratory as pink-hatted women across the country turned out in record numbers to protest the Trump presidency. A year later women have learned it’s not enough to gather in solidarity. We need an action plan. This past Sunday’s Las Vegas Women’s March rose to the challenge with the theme, [...]

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