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White Privilege, A Cottage, Chicago Cubs & Resisting #45

Pat TaubPat Taub

Entering into White Privilege Discussions

I’m co-facilitating a White Privilege 6 week discussion series with a youngish female minister. We had our first 90-minute session Tuesday evening, attended by 10 white people, 7 women and 3 men. The average age was somewhere in the 60’s with members uniformly saying that they want to do their part to tackle racism through a deeper understanding of their own behavior. I was touched and encouraged by these older adults with a continuing desire to grow.

Pat Taub, WOW Blog, Portland, Maine

An animation depicting white privilege


A Cottage Retreat in My Future

For a while now I’ve been dreaming of a quiet country retreat to balance my city life in Portland. Recently while glancing through online real estate listings I landed on a charming 1930’s cottage. Through a lot of back and forth negotiations with the seller, my offer was finally accepted. Today is the closing! I’m very grateful to have this new chapter in my life. I’m feeling very May Sartonish at the prospect of retreating into the woods to write.


Farewell Chicago Cubs!

I’m not a big baseball fan (college basketball is my spectator sport of choice) but last night I cheered on the Chicago Cubs out of loyalty to my daughter-in-law who lives outside of Chicago and has been a Cubs fan her whole life.   Chicago, went crazy last year when the Cubs won the series for the first time since 1908!  But last year’s success is not to be repeated; the LA Dodgers’ win last night eliminated the Cubs from the playoffs.

Pat Taub, WOW Blog, Portland, Maine

Cubs fans: daughter-in-law Melissa (left front) with her two sisters & brother


Refusing to Accept Trump as “the new normal”

This week I read an article in an online progressive newsletter, insisting that progressives and liberals actively resist seeing #45 as “the new normal.” The article stated that we have to continue to be outraged, as opposed to sliding into cynicism and indifference. I felt plenty of outrage this week after #45 told a military widow that her husband “had to know what he was getting into when he signed on.” I continue to shake my head in disbelief that the White House is being run by an insensitive buffoon!


My soulful image for your weekend

The following photo was taken last summer in front of San Francisco’s Women’s Building, which is covered on all sides with incredible murals, like the one I’m standing in front of, receiving a blessing from the Great Mother.




Pat Taub is a family therapist, writer and activist and life-long feminist. She hopes that WOW will start a conversation among other older women who are fed up with the ageism and sexism in our culture and are looking for cohorts to affirm their value as an older woman.