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Charlottesville, A Visit from My Brother & “Citizen”

Pat TaubPat Taub

Reacting to Charlottesville

Like most of you, I’ve been preoccupied with last weekend’s ugly white supremacy rallies in Charlottesville. I’ve been doing what I can to raise my voice in protest. I led a discussion at my Portland church (the United Church of Christ) last Sunday. We’re formulating a plan to offer the church for community forums to try to bridge our racial divide. Sunday evening I attended Portland’s rally in solidarity with Charlottesville. I was very moved by the strong showing of young people who were a distinct majority. Photos below are from Portland’s rally.


The Last Days of Summer

Why does summer always seem to zip through Maine? This year my travels and general distractions conspired to keep me away from the beach more than I would have liked. I hope to correct this season’s dismal beach record this weekend.


Pat Taub, WOW Blog, Portland, Maine

My brother, Curry, and me in 2014

A Visit from My Brother

My brother, Curry, who’s just 19 months younger than me is flying in from Asheville, NC to spend the weekend. I’m looking forward to spending time with him. I’m planning a walking tour of Portland, the ferry to Peaks Island, and lots of eating out at some of my favorite restaurants, although Curry informed me on the phone he doesn’t want to eat fish! I wonder if I can tempt him with a lobster roll from Eventide?


Unpacking My White Privilege

I have to admit that I’m feeling inundated by all the Facebook links and messages from friends with advice on how to address my white privilege. I almost don’t know where to start, but I know it’s a challenge I must face. I’m co-leading a discussion group at my church this fall on white privilege for which I’m collecting readings. A book that’s proved invaluable is Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric. In diary form, written like poetry, Rankin describes how racism impacts her life on a daily basis. Her images are haunting.  I highly recommend Citizen. I hope to re-read it this weekend.

Pat Taub, WOW Blog, Portland, Maine









Pat Taub is a family therapist, writer and activist and life-long feminist. She hopes that WOW will start a conversation among other older women who are fed up with the ageism and sexism in our culture and are looking for cohorts to affirm their value as an older woman.