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February 2018
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Reporting from the Las Vegas Women’s March

January 2017’s women’s marches were largely celebratory as pink-hatted women across the country turned out in record numbers to protest the Trump presidency. A year later women have learned it’s not enough to gather in solidarity. We need an action plan. This past Sunday’s Las Vegas Women’s March rose to the challenge with the theme, [...]

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“No Time to Spare:” A Book Review

With my birthdays piling up I ordered Ursula LeGuin’s* new collection of essays, No Time to Spare, seeking enlightenment for my own aging journey. The book’s title was inspired by a Radcliffe alumni survey sent to LeGuin, class of 1951. She was dumbfounded by the question that asked how she spent her spare time. Her response: “What is [...]

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Honoring WOW Guest Bloggers of 2017

As horrific as 2017 was, it offered a silver lining: successful women-led movements from the year’s opening DC Women’s March to the year’s end #metoo campaign bolster hope for 2018. A new emboldened sisterhood is emerging. Older women are part of this sisterhood, raising their voices to rail against ageism and sexism and to claim their [...]

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Women of Achievement in 2017

2017 was not a good year for racial justice, abortion rights, economic equality, the environment and peace, causing many to feel discouraged about the future. But if we adjust our lens, positive indicators for life getting better can be found among this year’s strong women-led efforts. Progressive women’s actions were on the ascendent [...]

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I Hate Asking for Help!

Guest Post by Walker Thornton I hate asking for help. There is no one specific reason—a mix of not wanting to seem weak or vulnerable, and fearing I’ll be turned down. I was raised in the South, by a very traditional mother who wanted a pretty, sweet daughter. I was taught boys didn’t like girls who were assertive or too talkative. I [...]

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The 30-Day WOW Self-Care Plan

Hearing about the “Whole 30 Diet,” the latest health craze which consists of a 30 day adherence to a strict diet whose followers claim is life-changing, got me thinking, “What about a 30-day Self-Care Plan?” If you’re like me you tend to think of self-care when the chips are down. That’s when you schedule a massage or take a bubble [...]

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